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At Vast Oceans Surf & SUP School we offer the best Surf Lessons in Daytona Beach possible. We make learning to surf both fun and safe for everyone. Vast Ocean’s Daytona Beach surf school is conveniently located at Daytona Beaches #1 beach location and beach approach off of International Speedway BLVD. Stop by our surf school to discover your surfing adventure today!

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Vast Oceans Surf and SUP School


How can you shortlist good surf camps? In today’s age when we have access to so much information, it is easier than ever before to do research for shortlisting surf camps for making your surfing experience better. But, if you have never been to a camp, then probably you need some good tips on what to look for before choosing one. A good  surf coach  can help you plan better or research well on how to shortlist good surf camps.   Here are the top points worth considering.     Destination  ....
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Know rip currents in detail before you go surfing You will learn a lot of important surfing techniques when you will joining surfing lessons. The instructors teaching at  surf camps  and schools ensure that every beginner surfer they teach learn everything. Right from choosing the right board, right spot, right day to surf, how to stand up on a surfboard and knowing what rip currents are, they will teach you everything. When you are taking  surfing lessons , you should pay heed to the tips given by the instructors. In between the training,....
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Are you planning to send your kid to a surfing camp? You will enjoy sharing your experience with your friends and family if you are an avid surfer. If learning surfing has been a great experience, you can also encourage your friends and family to join surf classes. You can even send your kids to one of the best  surf camps  to learn this exciting sport. Surfing camps have experienced  surf coaches . They will train your kids in the best ways. They introduce kids naturally to surfing. Children are naturally curious. They will take interest in....
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