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Are you in Nepal this holiday season? Do you love trekking and want to trek the high passes of Nepal to meet your adventure bud? If yes, then there are a few trekking destinations that you must want to explore. Here are a few examples: Tamang heritage trek: A trip to the Tamang Heritage trek trail takes visitors to some of the most fascinating trekking adventure in Nepal. Rest just north of the famous Kathmandu Valley, the Tamang Heritage trail is probably the most accessible trekking province in Nepal,....
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The hidden sphere of the old Buddhist Kingdom, Upper Mustang is an isolated region in Nepal with exceedingly maintained Tibetan custom. Because of military reasons in the 80s, it wasn’t until 1992 this area was re-opened to overseas hikers. Tucked & concealed from the exterior sphere, the custom, mainly of Tibetan root, has been well-maintained. The province features untouched nature with terrains unlike any other places in the country. Though it rests in the gigantic Himalayas, the land is a blend....
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