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bijlarchitecture 's Page

bijlarchitecture 's Page
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Bijl Architecture is a Sydney-based architecture and design practice founded by director Melonie Bayl-Smith. Contemporary, design-led works characterise the portfolio of Bijl Architecture including numerous completed projects across residential, interiors, educational and public sectors.

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How to Find a Reliable Architect in Mosman There are lots of properties still obtainable all through Mosman to purchase for renovation to produce a beautiful new house or a bungalow for all those important family breaks. When thinking about buying a house to renovate there are lots of questions which come to mind that it could be nice to obtain an expert response to, specifically if the property you're looking at is in an alternative country. This short article relates to one commonly asked question, "How do I look for an Architect for my....
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Commercial Interiors Sydney - Design For Commercial Spaces The rise in the economy has opened up avenues for the massive growth and development of commercial properties. The commercial properties give a great deal of opportunities for any interior designer consultancy to look around the odds of design as well as creativity. The design factor is challenging as well as changes using its use and requirement. There's a vast requirement for interior designing specialists for developing corporate office interiors, shopping center interiors, resorts, restaurants, banks as....
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