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Owning a listed building can leave you the envy of your neighbours, being in possession of your own little slice of history. However, they can be expensive to upkeep and have a number of unique difficulties that as an owner you will need to overcome. This is particularly true if you want to make any alterations or adaptations to your listed home. Below are some of the key things that you need to check before you embark on any planned changes.   Obtain the correct permission It can actually be a....
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With a summer of major sport and cultural events around the corner across the UK, wannabe attendees will inevitably suffer from the classic hotel supply and demand troubles, resulting in a desperate search last minute for limited rooms, whilst trying to avoid overinflated prices. Out of this customer demand and struggle comes the business opportunity of property owners making available the use of spare rooms or even their whole property for a rental fee. The growing popularity of rental booking websites....
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When someone dies and leaving a property, responsibility for that property will usually fall with the person who is dealing with the estate, known as the executor . This person is responsible for overseeing and managing the process of probate that the estate will go through. This process involves administrating any outstanding debts and then dividing money and assets amongst the various beneficiaries. This is generally a lengthy legal process to go through, typically taking between 3 and 9 months to....
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With a recent change in planning laws to make it easier to get permission to build new homes, there has been an accompanying explosion in the number of barn conversions. A barn conversion doesn't necessarily need full planning permission to be redeveloped but naturally, you will need to be granted a permit to develop before any changes are made.  There are a couple of key factors that will result in your barn requiring full planning permission and not simply a permit to redevelop. If your planned....
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An overlooked aspect of refurbishing your property is making sure you have the adequate insurance in place whilst the work is being carried out. There are two clear areas you need to double to check to make sure the correct cover is in place.  1 Your builder’s cover If you have employed a 3rd business/tradesmen to complete works on or within your property then you need to make sure as part of the contract that they have the relevant commercial insurance and liability cover. This....
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A new analysis of statistics, undertaken by the team at CoverBuilder , finds that during 2016, there were 1,635 unoccupied houses in Penarth, South Wales, with a combined value of over half a billion pounds. The figures, which have been published by Vale of Glamorgan Council following a freedom of information request from CoverBuilder , also indicated that in 2016 there were 759 properties which had been empty for at least six months. According to property website Zoopla, the average house valuation....
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Flat roof insurance problems A little-known fact amongst UK property owners is that if their property has a flat roof, they need to make further checks their home insurance is adequate. So what's the issue with a flat roof? Well, there are many differences between a flat roof and a 'standard' roof in the eyes of an insurance company. There are 3 main areas that increase the risk profile of a property and therefore the premium of insurance will increase. Some insurers may even refuse to cover....
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    1. Guttering, downpipes and drains Regular checks to make sure water is correctly running into the main drains efficiently and not pooling around the property is advisable. If you notice any stagnant water then contact your local buildings maintenance firm to arrange the necessary checks. 2. Plant, trees and shrubs One of the main causes of subsidence is root damage from trees and plants that are in a close proximity to the property. If you are planting new trees make sure....
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A Coach House is generally best described as a home that is situated above a row of garages or carports, and the owner of the home is usually also the freeholder for the entire building. The concept originates from a design that allowed horses and their carriages to be securely kept under a property at night, when this was the only means of transport available.   The freeholder that lives in the property will generally have the use of one of the garages, with the others being leased to the....
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Non-standard home insurance is a growing category that more and more people are finding themselves falling into. One of the biggest problems with all of these situations is that the people they affect often don’t realise that they are ‘non-standard’. Often this will not become apparent until there has been a claim, where homeowners can then discover they are not covered in the way they thought.   So what exactly is non-standard? Many people would automatically think of this as....
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