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If you're planning to convert a barn then there are some very important points to consider.
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With a recent change in planning laws to make it easier to get permission to build new homes, there has been an accompanying explosion in the number of barn conversions. A barn conversion doesn't necessarily need full planning permission to be redeveloped but naturally, you will need to be granted a permit to develop before any changes are made. 

There are a couple of key factors that will result in your barn requiring full planning permission and not simply a permit to redevelop. If your planned redevelopment is subject any of the criteria below then you will need to contact your local planning department in order to secure full planning permission. 



  • Size of the footprint – must be over 450m2
  • It is in an area of natural outstanding beauty (ANOB)
  • If it is a listed Building
  • If it requires more substantial redevelopment e.g. the removal of walls, demolition etc
  • You plan to extend wider than the original footprint


If your barn conversion does need planning permission, you will still need to put together a strong case arguing that you should receive the authority to redevelop. Whilst you will not be held to set planning rules, there are points you will still need to adhere to.

Your design should:


  • Be redeveloped paying attention to and complimenting its surrounding
  • Be respectful to the original character of the building
  • Not impact on the on surrounding wildlife species and their habitations


Protecting your newly converted barn

Whilst you will need the appropriate construction insurance during the redevelopment, you will also need to source the correct insurance once the building is finished.

In the UK, converted barns are often classified under a non-standard construction category. This does not necessarily mean an increase in premium, but more an insurer who is comfortable covering the more specialist type of property construction.

There are a select few providers in the UK who offer converted barn insurance, you’ll be able to get the equivalent coverage of a home insurance policy, but with the added comfort knowing your specific property is protected.


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