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UK properties with partial or fully flat roofs often need specialist insurance
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Flat roof insurance

Flat roof insurance problems

A little-known fact amongst UK property owners is that if their property has a flat roof, they need to make further checks their home insurance is adequate. So what's the issue with a flat roof? Well, there are many differences between a flat roof and a 'standard' roof in the eyes of an insurance company. There are 3 main areas that increase the risk profile of a property and therefore the premium of insurance will increase. Some insurers may even refuse to cover your property is the build, pitch or material is not within their coverage. 


Water Damage

A significant potential draw-back of a flat roof is the ability for water to gather and sit, rather than drain away. Water has an incredible ability to find its way through any damaged areas on the flat roof surface and then onto the internal ceiling below. This over time can grow from a minor drip into a wider problem if action isn't taken to resolve. If uncheck a major even can occur that requires a claim on your insurance - hence the increased risk for the insurer. 

Poor Construction materials

As mentioned in the first point, any damage to the surface of the flat roof can be penetrated by water or other weather elements. If poor building materials are used in the original construction or poor building methods during the laying of the material, there is an increased chance of degradation of the surface. 


Easier access

If your flat roof is within range of a window or entrance to your property then this allows easier access for someone to gain entry to your property. Again this increases the risk. 


Full or partial flat roof

Generally insurers will begin to class a property as having a non-standard flat roof once the percentage flat is greater than approximately 15% of the total roof space. This does vary by insurer so when quoting it is important to check the fine print, if you are unsure contact the company before taking out the insurance. 

Specialist flat roof insurance

As a specialist insurer, CoverBuilder offers the ability to cover full or partial flat roofs and coverage of a wide range of building materials

Lern more here about flat roof definitions. 

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