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A 5 point plan to reduce and manage the risk of subsidence to your property.
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1. Guttering, downpipes and drains

Regular checks to make sure water is correctly running into the main drains efficiently and not pooling around the property is advisable. If you notice any stagnant water then contact your local buildings maintenance firm to arrange the necessary checks.

2. Plant, trees and shrubs

One of the main causes of subsidence is root damage from trees and plants that are in a close proximity to the property. If you are planting new trees make sure you fully understand the root characteristics and plant them the appropriate distance from the property. A specialist may be required if the trees/plants are well established with deep roots. 

3. Cracks appearing in walls or ceilings

Not all cracks will be caused by subsidence, there is always a process of the property 'settling' into the foundations and a compression fo the building materials. However, cracks are a very good early warning system for a potentially bigger issue developing. Often subsidence cracks are centred around doors and windows. You may also experience difficulty in opening/closing doors and windows due to the frame-shifting.

4. Deal with early warning signs quickly

If you notice any signs of subsidence from cracking or movement you should act fast to prevent as much future damage as possible. It’s highly advisable to contact your insurer as soon as possible.

5. Research

Conducting comprehensive surveys and checks before purchasing a property is essential. If you are already living at the property and you notice cracks then contacting a surveyor is the next step. Access to a surveyor’s report will enable you to discover whether the property has been previously affected by subsidence.


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To learn more about underpinning insurance see our dedicated underpinned property page. 


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