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Chartered Account is responsible for filing business's tax return, audit financial statements and business practices.
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mani25 on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 10:03:13, 3 Months Ago, Comments [0]

A business which is eligible to file tax returns - can go to chartered accountant.
In Valasaravakkam (Chennai), Rajamani and Associates established itself as a Chartered Accountants firm.
They take responsible in providing solutions and suggestions to save taxes.
Saving taxes and filing your income tax return is very simple. They are here to help you with that.
“Saving little penny can make a vast difference”

They can help you in tax planning, so that you will pay minimum tax and also will get good returns.

Tax planning” is essential for each and every business. Income tax return can be filled by all the taxpayers.

If you take steps to plan your taxes, then such deduction will be removed for your total gross income and you will pay the tax only for the remaining balance amount based upon the income tax slab.
The rate of income tax is 5% for the income from 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs. The rate of income tax is 20% for the income from 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs and the rate of income tax is 30% for the income above 10 Lakhs.

There are many sections under which you can plan your tax pay.
Regarding the sections, you can contact the Chartered Accountants firm - Rajamani and Associates, as they can explain it for you.

RAJAMANI and ASSOCIATES is a Chartered Accountants firm registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, having its registered office at Valasaravakkam and one of the top CA firms in Chennai, Tamilnadu,

GST is Goods and Service taxes. It was launched on 1st of July.
GST is a multi-stage based tax.

For example, consider a process that has four stages.
1) Raw material.
2) Manufacture.
3) Sales.
4) Customer.

At the end of each stage, VAT tax is added. When raw materials are moved from 1st stage to the manufacture stage, VAT tax is added to it. Then, after manufacture stage, the product is moved to third stage. At the third stage, again VAT tax is added. From sales stage, when the product is brought by the customer, VAT is again added to it.  
So that each stage, VAT tax plus price is added.

The customer will be in a situation of paying more. That is, the seller will pay a tax when he/she purchase the product from the sales. To gain this money back, as well to make up the VAT tax that he/she need to pay to the government, the seller will sell the product for additional charges.
As a result, the customer will pay more to purchase the product.
Also, GST has a system of Input Tax Credit. With this system, sellers can claim the tax already paid, so customer purchasing the product for additional price can be decreased.

As an experienced firm in Chennai (India), Rajamani and Associates can take you through all the tax information and provide you with the solution to reduce tax pay and save money.  

Plan your taxes, and claim its returns. “Rajamani and Associates” have decided to dedicate towards the tax issues and its solutions.


For more information on CA Firms Valasaravakkam, get in touch with us.


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    3 Months Ago, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 10:03:13

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