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It is often noticed that most attacks happen when you’re the least prepared for them, personal defense items are exclusively prepared to handle such situations easily.
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stopanutsafety on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 11:53:15, 2 Weeks Ago, Comments [0]

The number of crimes against woman is increasing every day. Every single day we hear in the news the horrific crimes committed against women. Most women suffer silently and bear the torture because they feel they have no other option. They have to realize that the power to protect themselves is in their hands. All they have to do is take action.

Self – defense items stun guns and pepper spray should be carried by women at all times. Women have excelled in every field so why should they live in constant fear of being harmed every time they step out of the house. It is time women feel more confident of being able to handle a miscreant. A stun gun and pepper spray are small items and can easily be concealed in a purse. The reasons why women should carry a self defense item like a stun gun or pepper spray are:

  • Pepper sprays are a non – lethal self defense weapon yet are highly effective to combat an assailant. Self – defense is something which every girl must know. She should be carrying one self defense item with her, either a stun gun or a pepper spray.
  • No girl is safe from attacks and she can never be sure of her safety. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. The pepper spray is effective even when the attacker is not very close. It works even if the assailant is fifteen feet away. Though for maximum effectiveness there should be a distance of only 10 feet.
  • A stun gun can be more effective for close quarter combats (CQC). Stun guns are an electroshock weapon that gives a jolt of electricity when used on a person. The benefit of stun guns is that it is compact and can be hidden away from the eyes of the attacker. The stun gun is necessary because when the physical strength of the assailant is higher you will need something stronger to bring him down.
  • Pepper sprays and stun guns are very easy to use. Unlike self defense training, this needs no learning and can be used effectively to escape in case of a dangerous situation. These items are fast and can cause immediate pain to the attacker to disarm him. They do not cause major damage so there is no harm in carrying it and in fact should be carried.

Most attacks happen when you’re the least prepared for them but gone are the days when women's seems always in danger of being victimized, now they carry personal defense items such as  stun guns and pepper spray to protect themselves. You can get useful self-defense items here


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