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Elastic ligatures, or more commonly known as ‘rubber bands’, surround your braces and are used primarily to hold the archwire into the brackets; but they can also be utilized for other purposes, such as directing the movement of the teeth.
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When looking to get braces put on your teeth, you may be provided with some options for elastic ligatures by your orthodontist.

Elastic ligatures, or more commonly known as ‘rubber bands’, surround your braces and are used primarily to hold the archwire into the brackets; but they can also be utilized for other purposes, such as directing the movement of the teeth in a particular direction or speeding up the process of straightening or moving teeth. It all depends on how the ligature is tied onto a tooth or teeth and the type of ligature used.

One option your orthodontist may offer you is an orthodontic power chains braces.
Power Chains Don’t Just Provide Support To The Teeth

C-chain ligatures don’t just hold the archwire, but actually they are primarily used for closing spaces between the teeth or to move specific groups of teeth all at the same time. They provide the additional force needed to bring teeth closer to each other and to help move a specific group of teeth at the same time.

They Are The Most Commonly Used Ligatures

Usually, orthodontists install power chain braces instead of ligatures. But sometimes the orthodontist can put both a ligature (tie-wire) and power chain braces on a patient’s teeth. It depends on the treatment goals, or what he or she is trying to accomplish.

They Are Provided At No Additional Cost

Typically, there is no additional cost to have connected elastic ligatures placed. Their cost is usually included in the orthodontic treatment quote. This can vary greatly depending on a range of factors, such as complexity of the problem, style of braces, materials, treatment time, location, any additional services needed, and the individual orthodontist.

They Don’t Hurt

Like braces, the installation of connected ligatures will definitely cause some discomfort or even mild pain especially in the initial stages of the treatment. But with the passage of time, this discomfort will diminish and you won’t feel much pain. In fact, any pain or discomfort will be gone within a week. Before that, you may need to eat soft food to prevent further irritation and/or pain. It’s also worth noting that power chain braces, like other ligatures, can get stained easily by food items like curry, wine, coffee, etc.; and, therefore, you have to clean your teeth after meals.

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