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If you have braces on your teeth, you may also be prescribed elastic rubber bands to help with the straightening of your teeth. Rubber bands are fairly easy to put in with a little patience, but adjusting to them can take time.
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If you have braces on your teeth, you may also be prescribed elastic rubber bands to help with the straightening of your teeth. Rubber bands are fairly easy to put in with a little patience, but adjusting to them can take time. Always follow your orthodontist's instructions when using dental rubber bands China.
Get instructions from your orthodontist. When you're prescribed braces and rubber bands, your orthodontist should go over instructions with you. Rubber bands are applied in different ways depending on the structure of your mouth and what issue your orthodontist is trying to correct. You should ask them first about any questions you have regarding your rubber bands. If you are confused about any instructions after leaving the office, call your orthodontist.

Learn the different parts of your dental braces China. Rubber bands are usually attached to the hooks on braces. Learn the different parts of braces before attempting to use rubber bands.
• Well, dental brackets China have brackets, triangular structures that are positioned on the front midsection of your teeth. Brackets are attached by archwire, small metal bands between brackets.
• If you need rubber bands, small hooks or buttons will be strategically placed at various parts of your braces. This is where you'll attach your rubber bands. The number of hooks or buttons you have, and where they are found, depends on the position of your rubber bands

Figure out how to put in cross elastics. Cross elastics are another common configuration of braces. They are used to correct an overbite.
• You will only use one rubber band in cross elastics. On the left or right side of your face, there will be a button towards your top molars on the side of your teeth facing your tongue. There will be another button on your bottom molars on the side of your teeth facing away from the tongue.

• Connect a rubber band between these two buttons, starting with the top button

Use Front Box Elastics. Front box elastics are used to correct an open bite. That is, when you are unable to fully close your mouth.
• There will be four hooks, two on top and two on the bottom, found towards your front teeth on the incisors. The incisors are the sharper teeth found directly next to the front teeth.

• Connect the rubber band between all four hooks, forming a box shape

So, now you must have a very clear idea on how to connect your rubber band to your braces. Best of luck!

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