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Facial & smile aesthetics are basically essential characteristics of a patient. Nevertheless, within morphologic-functional limits and credits to the advancements in today’s improved orthodontic technology.
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sinoortho on Thursday, August 24, 2017, 13:42:53, 3 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Facial & smile aesthetics are basically essential characteristics of a patient. Nevertheless, within morphologic-functional limits and credits to the advancements in today’s improved orthodontic technology, it’s now possible not just to acquire a great front but to enhance patient’s aesthetics as per his or her anticipations. Planning a treatment according to facial aesthetics as an intention to safeguard the smile park is symmetrical to an approach to accomplish occlusal purposes. The aim of orthodontics is always to accomplish a mutually sheltered front; that’s, anterior teeth protect posterior teeth from interference during lateral and protrusive movements, and posterior teeth protect anterior teeth as well, providing an adequate contact in closed-mouth position.

Precise Orthodontic bracket placing is vital to conclude treatment with a great front & lovely smile. Furthermore, the most typical reason for unwanted hold back of treatment & the discovery of complexities in the ultimate stage is the inappropriate placing of the appliances. The requirement for excess first order bends isn’t because of a    failure in construction of the orthodontic tools, but because of the inappropriate brace placing. When some teeth are in extreme malposition, it’s not always feasible to put a metal bracket in orthodontics in a perfect place during the 1st visit, but it’s suggested to try to put the brackets in the best feasible position to ignore further repositioning &  compensatory bending as treatment continues.

Previously implanted position for ceramic brackets in orthodontics based on tooth sizes, as usually trained in orthodontic courses & programs, are wrong for the best aesthetics. For example, if one presumes that all the patients have the maxillary central incisors placed 4.5mm above the   incisal line, lateral incisors at 4 mm, and canines at 5 mm, and the orthodontic falls short to account for the bonding of incisal lines with the lower lip, the position mayn’t align for the aesthetic criteria required. Personalized tools positioning have as much significance as personalized treatment plan.  

The vertical positioning of dental brackets is a challenge for several orthodontists. This issue diminishes when placing devices and personalized tables are employed to guide bracket placement, when using direct or indirect bonding.

Flattening of the smile arc during orthodontic treatment can occur by different mechanisms. The normal alignment of maxillary and mandibular dental arches may result in a reduction of curvature of the upper incisors with respect to the inferior lip curvature.

So, now you must have a very good idea of why proper positioning of dental brackets is very much essential. Best of luck!


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    3 Months Ago, Thursday, August 24, 2017, 13:42:53

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