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The wedding season is just around the corner and if you are in charge of planning a wedding then the chances are that you are searching the contact information of the Cypress Grove estate wedding photographer
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The answer to the never-ending debate between destination weddings and traditional weddings Free Articles Directory | Submit Article | Free Article Submission
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The wedding season is just around the corner and if you are in charge of planning a wedding then the chances are that you are searching the contact information of the Cypress Grove estate wedding photographer. But what about planning destination weddings or are you the traditional at home wedding type? Amidst all the cultural and financial aspects of every family there becomes two groups, one in favor of destination weddings and the other who would opt for a traditional one. This dilemma has been everlasting and that has made us concerned about the differences between the two and why exactly people crave over destination weddings. A comparison in this case would surely be helpful.

Traditional vs. destination weddings

The present generation is mostly all for destination weddings but the older lot of the family would vouch strongly for traditional wedding at their respective homes. Let us find out the aspects of each and discuss briefly.

Destination weddings and its circumstances

Now for those who are yet to know, destination weddings are the ones where the wedding party is hosted by the bride and the groom at a foreign exotic location away from their homes such as an exotic resort or a tourist vacation spot where the purpose of the wedding is lucratively supplemented by the desire to travel and have a mini-vacation of their own. In recent times the number of destination weddings has increased up to 400 percent mostly because of the wander thirty mindset of the present generation. Warm and sunny7 places are mostly favored for destination weddings and that is why we see so many weddings taking place at Hawaii, Las Vegas, Italy, and Mexico and even in the Caribbean.

In most cases the cost of destination weddings are cheaper substantially than the traditional ones. For a destination wedding where a count of 100 people are invited the average cost is around the $17,000 mark whereas a traditional wedding with the same number of invitees will cost you around $25,000 to say the least. The reasons behind that are as follows.

  • Most people include their honeymoon along with their destination wedding which save s further cost for travelling.
  • You usually pay for yourselves which mean that the guests are going to have to pay for their travelling and lodging purposes. This automatically decreases the number of guests due the financial troubles which in turn decreases the load on your wallet directly.
  • The exotic location will provide sufficient luxurious views to the invitees and hence will spare you the extra cost of making the venue beautiful will elaborate decorations as the hotel will have decorations of their own.
  • The things you have to pay for are:
  1. The wedding dress and suits.
  2. Flight packages and hotel packages.
  3. Bridesmaid and groomsmen clothes and dresses.
  4. If you decide to have a wedding insurance.
  5. Hiring a Cypress Grove estate wedding photographer
  6. Transportation and passport costs.
  7. Cost for the destination wedding planner.
  8. Lots and lots of flowers.

Which one is better?

If you do not have a whole lot of guests to invite and the ones you are inviting are capable of bearing their own expenses, then always opt for a destination wedding. It will be easier on your bank balance and also provide you the opportunity of visiting a foreign exotic location along with your wife.

People are opting for destination weddings https://www.kvphotographyonline.com/ more frequently than they have ever done and the basic reason is the sheer will to explore a new place on the excuse of getting married, or maybe the other way around. So, pack your bags, book your Cypress Grove Estate Wedding Photography and head off to your destination and have a lovely wedding.

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